2021-10-21 06:31Press release

Instabox takes on traditional players by launching fossil-free home delivery in all markets


Instabox is now launching home deliveries and becomes the first completely fossil-free alternative to traditional shipping companies across the Nordics.

- This is a big step for Instabox. We know that home delivery is in demand by many customers. We are happy to be able to offer home delivery the Instabox way - uncomplicated, fast and environmentally sustainable," says Alexis Priftis, CEO and founder of Instabox

Instabox is already live with home deliveries in Sweden and Denmark, covering 85 percent of Swedes and 100 percent of Danes. A number of merchants, such as Apotea, and Lyko, are offering the service and more online retailers are continuously joining the service. On November 1st home deliveries will also be made available in Norway, with a coverage of around 45 percent. Instabox already offers nationwide home delivery in the Dutch market.

With 85% coverage in Sweden, Instabox offers a completely new option for many Swedes who previously could only get home deliveries via the traditional carriers. In the rest of the Nordics, Instabox will be the only completely supplier fossil-free throughout the whole logistics chain.

- We believe our home delivery model will stand out as a new and better alternative and will be appreciated by online shoppers, merchants - and not least the environment. We are already the natural and obvious choice for many when it comes to deliveries to parcel lockers, now we aim to take the same position for home deliveries. We are excited to be the first completely fossil-free option outside the biggest cities and we are happy to enable people to make better and more sustainable choices when it comes to shipping," says Alexis Priftis.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Instabox operations and in February of 2021 Instabox became the first player in the industry to be completely fossil-free as only HVO100 is used in its vehicles.

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About Instabox

Instabox is a logistics company providing lightning-quick, hassle-free and fossil-free e-commerce deliveries. Instabox is operating >1,700 automated parcel lockers in the Nordics and has consistently grown by more than 300% per year since its start, making it one of the fastest growing startups in Europe.