2022-05-03 06:50Press release

Instabox expands H&M partnership to the Netherlands 

Instabox is growing rapidly in the Netherlands and is off to a very good start in 2022. Through a new partnership with H&M, their customers can now use a fast, flexible and convenient shipping service and get their parcels in a more sustainable way, with fossil-free emission as a key milestone. 

Instabox is continuing to see great traction in the Netherlands, both through new partnerships with merchants and when it comes to constantly making its operations more environmentally sustainable. 

“Instabox has great ambitions in the field of sustainability, so we are very excited to expand the partnership with such a strong brand as H&M to the Netherlands and support their climate goals. We look forward to offering a sustainable, fast and qualitative last-mile delivery service to H&M in the Netherlands as well”, says David Lundqvist, Chief Commercial Officer at Instabox. 

One of the key milestones achieved in 2021 was the move to fossil-free deliveries, which fits the general growing environmental consciousness of the public in the Netherlands. Instabox has installed HVO100 (completely fossil-free fuel) storage tanks at the terminals. In 2022 Instabox will invest heavily to electrify the fleet in order to be even more environmentally sustainable. 

“More climate-friendly initiatives are one element in our ambition to reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2040 and that's why we are happy to expand our collaboration with Instabox to another market", says Daniel Kusibojovski, Logistics Regional Transport Manager Central Europe, H&M Group. 
Instabox has had great traction in the market. During the year, Instabox’s number of terminals grew from four to eleven, and the number of employees is now 1500 compared with 600 at the start of last year.  

About Instabox

Instabox is a logistics company providing lightning-quick, hassle-free, and fossil-free e-commerce deliveries. Instabox is operating 4500 automated parcel lockers and home deliveries in the Nordics, the Netherlands and Germany and has consistently grown by more than 300% per year since its start, making it one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe.