2022-10-31 10:42Press release

Instabee has Landed – Budbee, Instabox Deal Closed

Budbee and Instabox are happy to announce that the deal combining the companies under the new holding company Instabee was closed today after approval from the Swedish Competition Authority. This combination creates a new challenger, ready to take on the European market.

Instabee can now start combining Budbee and Instabox’s pooled resources, expertise, and know-how to keep transforming last-mile deliveries and challenge traditional players across Europe.

“I’m very pleased to receive this decision and excited to get to work shaping the future of Instabee. Our ambition is clear, to grow internationally and to do it with a healthy profit. My first task will be to get to know the team at Instabox and look under the hood of all the great solutions they have created”, says Fredrik Hamilton, CEO of Instabee.

As a joint entity, Budbee and Instabox can create a more efficient and sustainable operations flow. By using fewer vehicles and terminals to deliver parcels, the pace toward a minimized CO2 footprint is accelerated.

Instabox’s founder and new Executive Chairman of Instabee, Alexis Priftis, comments:

“We expect to see better economies of scale for Instabee, resulting in better financial and sustainability outcomes. I see great potential for us going forward, both short and long term, and know we will be well-positioned to create something extraordinary.”

Updates about the integration will be published on the website instabee.com.


About Instabox

Instabox is a logistics company providing lightning-quick, hassle-free and fossil-free e-commerce deliveries. The company is operating 4000 automated parcel lockers in the Nordics, the Netherlands and Germany. Instabox has consistently grown by more than 300% per year since its start, making it one of the fastest growing startups in Europe.