2022-11-10 14:16News

Instabox discontinues its operations in the Netherlands

The decision has been made to file for bankruptcy in the Dutch entities of Instabox: Instabox Netherlands B.V., Red je Pakketje B.V., and their subsidiaries

The application for bankruptcy has been approved by the court, and a Trustee has assumed responsibility for the companies and their employees, customers, and partners.

“This is obviously a very difficult decision to take as we know it comes with negative impacts for staff, customers, and partners. We have an increased focus on profitability, and after analyzing past and future performance, we have come to the conclusion that we will not reach proper profitability within our planning horizon.”, says Alexis Priftis, CEO of Instabox AB.

Instabox kindly refers any media requests regarding the future of Instabox B.V and Red je Pakketje B.V  to the spokesperson on behalf of the Trustee, Edwin van Wijk, E: evanwijk@valueatstake.nl


About Instabox

Instabox is a logistics company providing lightning-quick, hassle-free, and fossil-free e-commerce deliveries. The company is operating 4000 automated parcel lockers in the Nordics and Germany. Instabox has consistently grown by more than 300% per year since its start, making it one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe.